Post and Hank



Post Malone and Hank Williams


My Hank Williams bender started after an unsuccessful “sit-in” with some musicians at a local American Legion. I brought my guitar and played in the circle — I was lost —- not much country in my soul that night – and none of it transferred through my fingers to the other players and patrons—— so I started listening to Hank — got back to the start.


My Post Malone bender started with my 16 year old —- I heard it from him — and I’m like — “Wow, this rapper dude has way more style and —- and ….  “it” factor —- man for his time and place thing…..”


Intangible but so relatable — edgy and cool — not too much of either — the right mix for his day.


Really Caveguy?


— Post and Hank?


Why not?


I saw Post on the VMA’s — I was shocked — I did not expect him to be white with writing on his face – I can’t believe its 2018 and I’m shocked – doesn’t sound white.———-  Wow! How could I have messed this up?

What does it matter? — good music is good music —- white, black, pink or blues — the music is what matters.


So now I’m working on some Hank and some Post for my next open mic— what will they think of me?


I better practice hard and get it right — get it tight and bring all my soul —- then I have a chance. (Maybe)




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