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My Blogging Philosophy


I started out with the crazy idea of a rock n roll history site full of good music. You can still see the remnants of that if you fumble around here—-BUT-it has evolved to something beyond-it has become my sanctuary and my sounding board. I write to get things out more than to inform or educate. Rock history is a noble pursuit and at times I feel bad for treating it like I do. But on the other hand—I love to take photos-I love Photoshop-I love digital art and I love all kinds of music (so I am jamming all that in as well). If you are looking for a “pure” music blog——then sadly —you have landed on inconsistent ground.


  1. YouTube-Videos I post from YouTube are not owned by me and are not put there to steal-they are posted to give an example of what I am talking about.
  2. Copyright-I am working on making this 100% original content (except for YouTube)-which means all photos and illustrations are done by me and my staff—ok, there is no staff—just me… I am about 85% there…some of the older posts use Wikipedia images and such which I am working on removing. I want this blog to be awesome or totally suck due to me.
  3. Comments-I encourage comments but also don’t mind creepers just creeping my site-I understand that many people like to creep around the web and not be known.
  4. Follow backs-I have followed back a ton of blogs, which means I follow a ton of blogs— I am slowing down on this because there is no way I can visit all these blogs—I do try!!!! I am now instituting a policy of just following who I want and not worrying if I get a follow back. So, if I follow you and you do not find me interesting and engaging enough to follow—-please don’t follow me—I am cool with that. And if this new direction makes me lose a few of you—I am cool with that as well.
  5. Writing-I expected to get better at writing if I kept a blog going—and that is happening. I also hoped to become a more confident person if I kept putting myself on the line….that is also going on. What I did not expect: Making friends with other likeminded souls who also find this need to vent their insights to the world- the most rewarding part by far!
  6. Awards-I love the idea and the forced interaction that takes place especially in the early stages of blogging-Doing the A.B.C award helped take me from being “a sort of” blogger to an “actual” blogger-And the “Dragon Award” made me draw a nice little picture—I have two awards on deck right now that will turn into posts of some kind—-I am genuinely flattered every time an award comes my way. Having said that-I have seen many get completely side-tracked and have a very nice award blog—ex., talking nice things to and from award givers and takers—they even make their own awards—awards-awards-awards!!! That is too much-so I choose to be careful with them.
  7. Anonymity- I believe that I am the most uninteresting and boring person you could ever meet in real life—if you walked by me on the dog walk- you might grunt a halfhearted hello and pull your dobie mix a safe distance from my huskie mix to avoid any conflict. The more you know about me, the less significant I become. Since the world is made up of about 6.8 billion insignificant people (versus 0.2 billion important people) and of those 6.8 billion—-about half a billion of us have blogs—it does not make sense to me that knowing my name and face would make me a target—-For what end? And as J J Cale famously said in “The Breeze” –I ain’t hiding from nobody and nobody’s hidin from me” ——- I could , however be totally wrong on this so I get it if you choose to go the other way—-but to quote another of my hero’s “I’m out there Jerry and lovin’ it”!

The world needs more of that Kramer attitude and Cheers from the Cave!


3 thoughts on “Blog Philosophy

    1. Yes it worked- Welcome to my crazy world!
      —you can also follow by email through a link on the front page —- whatever works— always room at the cave!

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