I have been working on my photographs – editing and starting the printing process – I am working to get enough together for some kind of show – some kind of public thing — put myself out there.

I don’t know exactly how to approach it – but it needs to happen – I have nothing to lose.

Really – What’s the worse that can come from this?

I can’t think of any negatives – even “failure” is not a negative.

Failure is still a dive into something.

Still living.

Not doing or trying that is the worse that could happen.

I don’t mind falling flat on my face.

I really don’t – I have nothing to lose.


29 thoughts on “Action

    1. Ha Ha — HaHaHa – I got it Mek – you have a good day, or night, or tomorrow , or yesterday — note: I really got to figure out the time difference between me and you — I’m in N.Y- if that helps.

      1. šŸ˜Š goodmorning! I’m in country Victoria, about 100 or so km outdide of Melbourne, but on Melbourne time. I think it’s 16 hours? Quick internet search would confirm. Brb

      2. Yes, you are 16hours behind at the moment (till daylight saving begins for us and endz for you- or is it the other way around? Too early here, I need coffee).šŸ˜Š

      3. I think I got it – I usually write between 5-6 am which is 9-10 pm for you of the same day! I think — so good night Mek šŸ™‚

    1. I read that and love that – there is no failure and you can live in a sense of wonder — the thing about making the world a better place — that might be too much for this simple guy — but we move forward. šŸ™‚

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