June 5th 2012 – The transit of Venus that I failed to capture….another failure? At least I thought it was — but no!!!

Here I am with my camera and a few lenses from the wielding shop – dark enough so I can look into the sun and photograph this historical event.

I am with my wife and kids (who thought this might be fun) and off we go to make history.

Clouds – and more clouds —–I can’t get a clean shot of the sun!

I am sad.

So, since I am by the Hudson River anyway – I decide to put my new Nikon DSLR camera in manual mode and take a few shots.

I am really new at this and I barely know what I am doing.

I have taken a couple photography classes but I am in the bottom group of students.

Also – I am getting severely hooked on Photoshop – I love it but with little result – It takes and takes and takes while giving nothing in return.

But return, stubbornly I do —- to get kicked in the head again and again.

This is a sickness. I need help

And today I got it

This is the pay-off.

This is the first image I photographed and processed that was any good – in fact, I have been chasing this bad boy ever since.

This picture started me on a journey.

Because I knew if I could prove this was not a fluke – I could be happy with my photos and fill a void – achieving excellence is a rare and beautiful thing.

I have come close in the months since.

But not all the way here.

This is the reflected light of Venus transiting our sun – coming around again in 2117 (I may not make that one).


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