Buddhism and accepting my Ox-ness


Chichén Itzá wall: photo credit Wayne at Cave of Fame

Road to to Chichén Itzá part 2:

“There are no accidents, there are doorways that will open to change your situation but there are no accidents”.

I am paraphrasing what the Chinese man said to me on a bus ride through the Mexican scrub-land. This is how he, as a Buddhist, approaches his day and his life.

This led to a brief discussion on the linear nature of Christianity and the circular nature of Buddhism with a heavy dose of Chinese Zodiac thrown in the mix.

My animal is a Spring Cow according to this deal.

I am destined as a hardworking-unappreciated-oxen with a life of struggle – strike one up for his religion … pretty much nailed my existence to this point—-“What about those doorways again?”

He was not looking to convert me and I was not looking to convert him – We are just two guys from different cultures having a discussion on a bus over a beer.

I found it fascinating down to my core.

No accidents

Not even one minor slip on the traction of fate?


No accidents.

Weeks later that is still starting to sink in – concepts that hold deep validation tend to churn around in my brain over and over until they find a place to rest.

Less thinking and more doing is always the right path for me – my brain is going to spin endlessly with little result if I let it. Maybe I better get back out in that field and pull that plow? – That is where I am at my best — maybe the dude is right?

The bigger part of me says that all things work together for the good of those with faith.

I have been running on faith for a while now – I got to say that you find yourself in some amazing places when you do that.

Places like this.

When you meet up with other pilgrims on roads to discovery; clashes of thought leave deep impressions. Even different cultures and different beliefs become splashes in the same river of universal truth.

Good is good and bad is bad and we are better helping each other than hurting each other.

My Chinese friend said we get along in this life because we treated each other well in a previous life.

I am really glad I met him and made a new friend (my perspective), which is reacquainting with an old friend (his perspective).

Either way – it works

No accidents.




7 thoughts on “Buddhism and accepting my Ox-ness

  1. I like this encounter you had and shared with us…
    Thank you
    Take Care…You Matter…

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