Can we still be friends? Blogworld

Can we still be friends?


This post is about a failure – I cannot get this sketch to full color illustration (at least, not yet).

I can shelve it for now or throw it out to the world.


Nobody is paying me here  – in fact, this blog thing is done mostly as a way for me to journal the progress of me, a regular guy, who likes music – and also takes some photos and draws a little.

Does that make me a music critic or photographer or artist? —-No! … It makes me a blogger in a sea of bloggers doing the same thing.

We are many and we are taking over the world.

This sketch was my attempt at figuring out this crazy world we bloggers operate in.

All these awards, likes, follows and prompts falling from the clouds of blogland.

Brand new bloggers with no clue in their tents writing one simple post and waiting for the magic to happen – here is a hint: It won’t happen by itself.

BUT – that brand new blogger that lights a little campfire by leaving some comments and spreading a little joy by throwing “like” buttons like candy from a parade float.

That guy has a chance.

Looking around this sketch – you might find my website in the neighborhood with the other friendly music bloggers (many thanks to them for letting me move in). 🙂

Here is another hint: If you make your blog about something—-anything—- and tag it as such—the other folks that do that same something/anything will try to help you if you let them.

Let them and visit them.

They will become your friendly “shire” in this crazy world – you will be like Winnie the Pooh having Tigger and Eeyore stop by——-you will move from your tent to a neighborhood on WordPress —NOW- you have a great chance at finding your voice and becoming a real blogger.

Whatever that means?

I think it means that you feel at home with your site and move forward with conviction and passion.

“It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it.” – The wisdom of Eeyore explains how most of us feel about our sites.

So whether you are: music, photo, flowers, conspiracy theory or erotica. Whatever you are – there is a place for you here.

AND – thank you my friends – I am not going to list you and leave people out because this post is about inclusion. But you know who you are!

This sketch will need a follow-up post.

Hopefully I can add some color.

Cheers from the cave!

11 thoughts on “Can we still be friends? Blogworld

  1. I like this, Wayne. The whole blogging thing can be a bit odd in the beggining … I certainly found it strange as I tried to find my way. I’ve been genuinely pleased to have met some really good people, read their work and connect with them on some level – be it about music, movies, random thoughts, etc. Heck, I like to think of it as making friends …

    1. Yes and more yes with this response 🙂 – We think coming in that we are broadcasting our thoughts to the world from an isolated tower – and in reality we are moving in to a vibrant neighborhood filled with curious friendly souls.

  2. I see the Cave! I see the Cave!

    That is a really cool sketch Wayne. Well done! That does kind of depict what WordPress can be like in a visual way.

    I honestly wish I had more time in each day just to read everyone’s work here!

    1. Thanks Mike, I see so many new bloggers struggle like I did with no clue – It started me sketching —Sometimes – you just gotta “sketch it out, man just sketch it out!”

      1. One of my readers has been trying to start his own music blog…I’ve been trying to help but it’s not easy when he’s coming into it “cold”! I’m letting him know that what he’s writing is good…but I’m not so much able to help him with his more technical questions. In fact I don’t know if he’s even posted anything yet because I can’t find his blog! (Some help I am!)

      2. Passion is key – if anybody writes with that – they will connect with others – it cuts through all those first feeble posts — We all were horrible at the start—-go ahead read some of my early posts (if they are still there!) we all get better as we go Mike – send me a link to this new blogger, if you can find them. 🙂

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