June 5th 2012 – The transit of Venus that I failed to capture….another failure? At least I thought it was — but no!!!

Here I am with my camera and a few lenses from the wielding shop – dark enough so I can look into the sun and photograph this historical event.

I am with my wife and kids (who thought this might be fun) and off we go to make history.

Clouds – and more clouds —–I can’t get a clean shot of the sun!

I am sad.

So, since I am by the Hudson River anyway – I decide to put my new Nikon DSLR camera in manual mode and take a few shots.

I am really new at this and I barely know what I am doing.

I have taken a couple photography classes but I am in the bottom group of students.

Also – I am getting severely hooked on Photoshop – I love it but with little result – It takes and takes and takes while giving nothing in return.

But return, stubbornly I do —- to get kicked in the head again and again.

This is a sickness. I need help

And today I got it

This is the pay-off.

This is the first image I photographed and processed that was any good – in fact, I have been chasing this bad boy ever since.

This picture started me on a journey.

Because I knew if I could prove this was not a fluke – I could be happy with my photos and fill a void – achieving excellence is a rare and beautiful thing.

I have come close in the months since.

But not all the way here.

This is the reflected light of Venus transiting our sun – coming around again in 2117 (I may not make that one).


Rule of Thirds Challenge – My new best friend in Mexico




From “The Cave” on location in Mexico.


This guy would visit us each day at poolside and we named him “Fred”.

Like many of my WordPress friends: I have no idea what his or her real name is or even if he is a him or a her. But always happy for the visit.


Because he/she gives me a unique iguana perspective that makes me think, smile and feel better.

And he doesn’t have to do anymore than he does to get that reaction. In this case; just crawl out and grab a little sun to warm up in the morning.

Just like my favorite bloggers – making the internet a better place by doing what they do.

The lesson here is “be yourself and enjoy being yourself” – because that gives others the courage to enjoy being themselves as well.

I love Mexico.

Cheers and viya con dios from the cave.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth

I went classic perspective with train tracks – I admit to Photoshop because … well … there will be Photoshop in everything I do …especially for making a simple point about keeping a clear path in murky times. Focusing on the tracks instead of the landscape tends to clear things up.


I turned around to capture the sun rising through the trees – and, yes again — I over-saturated and blurred my way to a respectable image – This is my take on “can’t see the forest for the trees” – which is a stretch for a perspective challenge —– But — Both  these themes are strong mantras to me right now – so I share them with you.

After looking at work by talented photographers around WordPress – I almost did not hit the publish button – but then this whole blogging deal is about putting down what we are and getting on a trajectory for improvement. I need to set the stones down in order to step on them and move forward.


And this is all for fun anyway, right?

Cheers from the cave!