Top of Blogging Mountain?…not yet

Misty Mountain Hop

Here is a new picture of me looking over my backyard or as it is commonly known The Adirondack Park.  This is not exactly climbing Mount Fuji or Mount Kilimanjaro as you can just pay the 10 bucks and drive to the top. But the views are amazing nonetheless!

As I close in on one year with this little Rock n’ Roll history blog,  I would like to thank all the visitors and followers for making this a rewarding experience. I don’t plan on making big changes as I go forward but I do plan on organizing this site better to reflect a history of all Rock Music.…the good, the bad and the ugly. I am also going to look over past work and fix it or trash it….some of my early writing is embarrassingly bad and even worse…not interesting-, so go back and read those hideous posts now before they are gone.

There are so many good writers and good people out here that I genuinely feel blessed to be counted among you.