Joan – once more


Summer in Saratoga at Café Lena for round 2 with Joan Osborne

I fell out of love and into reality with this goddess of soulful sweet elocution. The words become charged messages of hope, despair, love and loss — pain and joy –……  you know —– life


More specifically:

Adult  ….  grown up life.

No young person angst — this is vintage, weathered acceptance of what is and what was.

I’m not calling anyone old here —– I know the track of years – I know the shared fight of quiet despair as we plunge through to new layers of time.


not calling it good, bad or indifferent — got plenty of all three.

And that’s what I got with another dose of Dylan Music.


One song destroyed me (again)

Tryin’ to Get to Heaven


The air is getting hotter
There’s a rumbling in the skies
I’ve been wading through the high muddy water
With the heat rising in my eyes
Every day your memory grows dimmer
It doesn’t haunt me like it did before
I’ve been walking through the middle of nowhere
Trying to get to heaven before they close the door


When I was in Missouri
They would not let me be
I had to leave there in a hurry
I only saw what they let me see
You broke a heart that loved you
Now you can seal up the book and not write anymore
I’ve been walking that lonesome valley
Trying to get to heaven before they close the door


People on the platforms
Waiting for the trains
I can hear their hearts a-beatin’
Like pendulums swinging on chains
When you think that you lost everything
You find out you can always lose a little more
I’m just going down the road feeling bad
Trying to get to heaven before they close the door


I’m going down the river
Down to New Orleans
They tell me everything is gonna be all right
But I don’t know what “all right” even means
I was riding in a buggy with Miss Mary-Jane
Miss Mary-Jane got a house in Baltimore
I been all around the world, boys
Now I’m trying to get to heaven before they close the door


Gonna sleep down in the parlor
And relive my dreams
I’ll close my eyes and I wonder
If everything is as hollow as it seems
Some trains don’t pull no gamblers
No midnight ramblers, like they did before
I been to Sugar Town, I shook the sugar down
Now I’m trying to get to heaven before they close the door


Bob Dylan

She came out between shows to sell merchandise – I know its part of the job — but still – an honor to share a few words and have her sign my record. This song probably not written about grief; and the resulting complete annihilation of the soul. — but this night it was — but also healing in a way —- yeah  –

Music is like that.

Again, cheers from the cave!





Wonder #6, Woodstock, Thank a Hippie today


By the time we got to Woodstock we were in White Lake in Bethel.

Woodstock is not the home of the famous Woodstock- The actual site is in Bethel, N.Y- but how cool does Bethel sound? “Hey man, everyone is going to Bethel this summer”.

And maybe not all of the 480,000 concert goers in 1969 were hippies…but they damn sure started it!

Wonder #6 -The site of the original 1969 Woodstock

Monument at original Woodstock location
Monument at original Woodstock location

Quick recap:

Two young guys with lots of money and zero music industry experience wanted to put on a rock show. They chose Woodstock because famous musicians like Bob Dylan and the Band lived there.

The town of Woodstock would not allow them to do it.

They were in big trouble finding a spot – Before the thing completely collapsed- a farmer in Bethel, N.Y named Max Yasgur allowed the use of his dairy farm for the event.

Max Yasger's farm
Max Yasger’s farm

They had to make it free or risk a riot.

There was rain that made mud. They ran out of things like food.

There was also political strife, free love, drugs and great music. Thank the hippies for keeping it peaceful enough to happen. No other group in any other generation could have made history without serious trouble, especially considering the overwhelming strain on limited resources they faced.

Every big outdoor music festival after this is compared to this. This is like Michael Jordan to basketball or Babe Ruth to baseball- Much bigger than the game itself. It transcends its genre to become an iconic cultural moment in time.

Thank you Hippies!

Flowers and fence looking down to stage site
Flowers and fence looking down to stage site

There were two original hippies guarding the monument and graciously dispensing information when I made a visit to this shrine of Rock n’ Roll. They pointed me in the direction of the original stage site where I went with my family to take a few pictures.

The museum on the site is also worth a visit. Great trip for all.

My son jumping at the site of original Woodstock stage
My son jumping at the site of original Woodstock stage

Thank you to all the original hippies for changing the way we think about music.

monument close up
monument close up

And Peace to all