5 good covers…#3 Quiet Riot covers Slade…Come on Feel the Noise

O.K, this one is personal. Come on feel the noise [yes…I am spelling the title this way because this is 2012 and on the internet…the words were innocent and playful and there was no web when this hit in 1973…end of disclaimer] O.K back to Slade.

This was a monster hit in 1973…if you were a young dude residing anywhere covered by the English Top of the Pops universe, you did everything you could to get a copy of this 45. As a young lad myself, I managed to get one and also wear it out on the record player.  I would bring it to the States with me but alas that may have been the only copy to make its way there. The Beatles and Stones made it over and so did Monty Python and even Benny Hill, but Slade would never cross the Atlantic in a significant way. I can’t explain this because you could say (and I think I am) that they were the kings of early 70’s glam Rock.

The Quiet Riot version is good but that is not the reason I chose this. Everyone thought this was a Quiet Riot original because no one from the 80’s metal era ever heard of Slade….and no one cared. That is why the cave must stand up and put an end to this transgression.  As I said before, this one is personal…this is the first record that I added to my collection. This blog is about dragging relics out and giving them a quick polish. This post is giving you two relics for the price of one…Me and my first favorite band Slade.

And now for something completely different:

If you look at the guitar player in the video for this song, he is either dressed as Diana Ross or a Dalek… Dr Who fans help me out here.