“Pumped up Kicks”- Censorship or thoughtfulness?

In the wake of the horrible shooting in Connecticut- Pumped up Kicks is being pulled from playlists all over the country.

I am good with that. You can call it censorship or you can call it a thoughtful response to a horrible tragedy.  I don’t care what you call it-I am good with that.

It is a great song that propelled Foster the People onto the music map. Yes, it has references to the Columbine High School massacre. Yes, that shooting happened in 1999 and releasing a song about it I thought was a good thing…I thought it meant that this school shooting trend was a turn of the century dark ruthless void in the American landscape that we had got past. It was time for it to become pop culture fodder. I was wrong…About as wrong as any music loving American can be. Completely and tragically wrong. It is a great song…I have called it my favorite 2011 release with that ice cool California attitude  bringing an alternative dance beat to something that is beyond comprehension. Great song -but I can’t listen anymore.

After the  Newtown shooting, it is time for us to make any changes that need to be made to stop this from ever happening again. I have been against music censorship my whole existence but have no problem amending that to stop another terrible Friday. I don’t think anything is off the table as we combat a defect in our culture that has to be repaired right now. Nothing is more precious than young innocent lives and I am good with that.

Top 5 Rock songs with a whistle involved.

5. Patience-Guns and Roses-Axel starts with a whistle and a nice melodic whistle at that…”see I am not really a bad guy after all” type of whistle. How many PBR’s do you think have been downed to this song! (PBR=Pabst Blue Ribbon-a quintessential American beer favored by the working man)

4. Jealous Guy-John Lennon- The best time to hear this is on a car radio at 3am driving down a lonely highway in the pouring rain. Lennon at his best had a way of letting you feel his pain as your pain because we all have the same experiences and all do stupid stuff.

3. Pumped up Kicks- Foster the People– Catchy tune about shooting bullets at your mates for play time fun. Only California can produce a band to make this sound so cool.

2.That Smell –Lynyrd Skynyrd – Ronnie Van Zant throws in this great “calling in the dogs” whistle to usher in guitar solos and hounds that will be right on your ass if you keep messing around with illicit substances and take that slow boat out into dark oblivion. It is short but it makes the point that he is used to calling in all the dogs. Lynyrd Skynyrd- great rock band!

1. Dock of the Bay -Otis Redding –You can call this soul if you want and say I’m stretching a bit but..Man!…what a song. He sung his heart out and died young in a plane crash…nothing more Rock n Roll than that. I officially proclaim this an honorary rock song if it wasn’t already.