Why Geeks owe Devo everything.


Why Geeks owe Devo everything.

You neuvo geeks don’t understand because you were not born before the revolution. ..

Before the revolution-there was only darkness for the fleet of brain.

Al Gore had not yet invented the internet.

We played chess by mail (yes, stamp and envelope mailbox-mail!…-pawn to king 4, bitch!)

We were hunted down in school and beaten up for good sport-they would later call this bullying-and even later would declare it a bad thing. Think Hunger Games High school.

Comics were not cool…and we read them because we were not cool but they made us feel better. There was no banding together at a Comic Con…with dressing up in costumes and fellowship! Fellowship? Friends? …No –none of that.

When our glasses broke, we could not afford to fix them right away, so we rigged them the best we could. And we did that because without them-we could not see!

Star Wars was yet to become an official religion- it was just a movie they forgot to make toys for. (yes, there would be an over reaction of epic proportion and geeks everywhere or maybe nerds would buy tons and tons )

In this dark age-there was no difference between a geek and a nerd-each were considered the lowest form of life.

Star Trek was a campy 60’s show.

AND—-Batman was still a joke with the cheesy “Bam” graphics or as Robin would have said “Holy History Batman!”  He was yet to make that Walter White transformation and go all badass over Gotham.

Those were the dark days of Geekdom and there was no music.

Then this band Devo came out.

They were smart, smart-ass and funny. We had a band….Yeah! We don’t have to pretend to like Foghat anymore people-we can dance…it just might be O.K to be us!!!

We are legion and we are the bomb!

Then Bill Gates and Steve Jobs arrived and the rest is history.

But first was Devo-first was sound. This revolution would not be televised.

R.I.P-  Robert “Bob 2” Casale

5 Greatest Geek Rock Acts

A 'geek' rubber duck - side view
A ‘geek’ rubber duck – side view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think of myself as a geek-but I do watch the science channel and history channel more than the others and if they ever come out with a Stephen Hawking action figure; I may be tempted to add it to my collection. The cold hard fact is that when I think of any scenario and how a geek would act compared to a regular well-adjusted  person…….aaahhhhhhh….I would take the geek way—Ergo I must be a geek. So here is music about my people for my people… Forgive me this is difficult….kind of like when Luke finds out Darth Vader is his Dad…aaaahhhh…I did it again.

Note: Most of this is written from outside the geek world as I have just “come out” and  have not be officially welcomed by other geeks as one of their own. I mean no disrespect to my new brethren. This is still new to me. Enjoy!

5. Gwar

For the militant geek..You know that guy…if someone takes his seat in math class -he will laugh about it and then not let it go. This guy is in serious need of an outlet. A show by this band is just what the doctor ordered to let him have a bit of fun-(while getting sprayed with all manner of fake bodily fluids) and get all that rage out. Shock Rock dressed like game characters that rail against the evil system sounds like militant geek to me…think of them as a more unlikeable Kiss…I know… did not think it was possible to be more unlikeable than Gene Simmons? It is!!..Rage on geeks…rage on.

4.Weird Al Yankovic

He has taken the art of parody and turned it into science. He is the no-one that becomes everyone. Awkward at first glance- brilliant under the surface. The frog that says to the princess that tries to kiss him…”Whatever sweetie…got look for someone else to smooch…I am weird Al and I will rain my fury upon the entire music industry” White and Nerdy is geek brilliance shining so bright, it is almost cool.

3. They might be Giants

I once found myself at the acclaimed bastion of geekness called R.P.I  in order to find the room that these guys were playing in. Two guys that make a lot of noise in order to elevate the words of wonder that spill out from them as they preach to the converted followers of quirkiness. I love a band that relentlessly follows their vision through the hits and misses. You don’t have to suffer from full blown nerdness to enjoy them, but you do require some part of that disease running through your veins.


These guys started the revolution. They gave all geeks, nerds and social rejects a place to rally to. You can like computers and learn more than a few opening moves of chess(you never know when a surprise chess smack-down can happen) and still be O.K. It is alright to come out of the closet and admit that making your brain do some work might be some benefit to you and the world around you. And these dudes with the red plastic hats are laying down some funky beats…we can dance geeks…we can dance! Oh the joy and celebration! You think the iPhone would have been invented without the surge that these guys gave to the geek community? No way!


The hard days of the geek revolution are in the past. Technology runs the world and those that control and maintain this technology are living on the good side of the good towns. Basically…the geeks are running the world. So here is the emerged butterfly band of geekness flapping its wings in the bright sunshine of this new age. Put some of this music on as you lean back in the soft recliner and kick off those expensive slippers and bask in the delight that you have created. Take a drink of whatever you guys drink and enjoy it. We all call you Sir Geeks now!