New York and a Radiohead Mood.

Item One:

Some dude walks around N.Y.C with a hatchet and takes random whacks at people in uniform- we think he might be a terrorist, or maybe a whacko—or a combo of the two—–and this could be a copycat deal that will spread across the country like the ice bucket challenge.

Not only are we afraid of an isolated brutal act—we are afraid of it trending on twitter and turning into a plaque of insanity.

Item Two:

A doctor risks his life to go to Ebola ground zero and work with “Doctors without Borders” – helping those that are in more trouble and lack more resources than us reasonable people can imagine.

This guy is a hero.

No wait-he caught that crap-The dude brought that shit back to Brooklyn—his neighbors are calling him a big jerk face scumbag.  Ebola is here.

Shut down all flights in and out of Africa right now!

This and other reasons (which I don’t wish to discuss) make me reach for something to pour on my wounded psyche.

Radiohead works.

I love you creepy bastards- I am starting to feel better already.

Muted Cheers from the Cave!

In other news: I have been working on my blog by taking the “Blogging 201” thingee that is going on now-

You may notice some changes as I clear my vision and put a little pizazz in my “brand”—Oh yeah- I am a brand baby!

Radiohead.Fake Plastic Trees

I do have a few Ska songs racked up and ready to go but that post will have to wait as I find myself in the depths of a Radiohead mood. I wouldn’t call it sadness- more like a mixture of isolation mixed with a good dose of reality and extreme tiredness. You shake these ingredients together while some post-apocalyptic vision dances slowly across your brain and it’s time for those creepy boys from Oxfordshire-They are like the patron saints of wallowing self-reflection (wonder if I can get a mini plastic version of them to place on the dash of my beat-up Oldsmobile?) So enjoy and I feel better already.

And thanks to for placing this gem on their manic/depressive playlist and inspiring this post.