We need a hero

Heroes fail to do anything amazing-they just do what is needed.

Right time –right place-right action.

Every time you see one on TV-they all same the same thing.

“I am not a hero-I just did what anyone else would do.”

Not exactly

Have you been paying attention? We humans have a large capacity for doing the wrong things-In fact there is a good chance that someone doing the wrong thing created a situation that required a hero.  A hero to do what is required and bring an elegant solution to an inelegant situation.

Heroes spend time being prepared to step in-they are trained and they are compassionate. They are ready, willing and able.

There is a mindset about them that makes them feel part of the world-knowing that they can make a difference.

If you feel that way – you are a hero sitting latent and sooner or later you will get a chance to prove it.

It may be a small or big contribution- you may have already done it and not even realized it.

Doing the right thing in the right time and right place brings a certain lining up of the power in the universe that is bigger than all of us.

Maybe that is why heroes don’t even comprehend what they have done-they just see it as playing a small part in the general scheme of things. They see the action as a simple yes or no to answering the call of humanity.

We need more heroes.

This quirky song by the Crash Test Dummies sums it up for me.

And it also makes me think of this Little Feat classic.

Just doing what is necessary without complaint.

[mini rant ahead]”Little Feat’ without Lowell George should be called “Tiny Feat” and “Queen” without Freddie should maybe be called “Princess”–you can not remove the heart and soul of a band and pretend it is the same. [end of rant]

I am still willin’ to keep on bloggin”

Cheers from the cave!

[this is not the post I am writing-I am finishing up an illustration for a piece on Ronnie James Dio and “Rainbow in the Dark” that is wearing me out….I don’t mind writing on some of the dark in our souls but this song has taken me for a bit of a ride—it should be my next post—-this one is just to let you guys know that I am still out here]



Spanish Moon- A brief Interpretation

Shifting through the dirt in the cave and looking around at the destruction that drugs has caused to the history of Rock I found a Little Feat Record “Waiting for Columbus” –this is possibly the best “live” album ever recorded during the great – Double Live Album Era of Rock. I think Peter Frampton started it off with ‘Frampton comes alive” …then it seemed like everyone and their mother joined in to release one. Speaking of mothers…a former member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention is coming at you today.  There is not a weak song on this record and the one I want to shine the cave flashlight on is “Spanish Moon” —on the surface it seems like just a fun song about a seedy little bar on the edge of town.  But listening now and thinking back on that era it seems more like a song on the cycle of addiction.  He knows this place is bad news but like the proverbial “moth to the flame”, he is going back anyway. The beauty of a great song is that it can be interpreted many different ways. 

“Don’t care who you are, you wake up ruined, you can lose it all at the Spanish Moon”

Welcome to the Cave!

I have been listening to rock music for so long that a lot of what I know has gone from the relevant to the relic. It requires a little digging in the caves of forgotten “cool” music to dig it up. I started way, way back with British bands like Slade and T-Rex…moved smoothly through Led Zeppelin and Lynyryd Skynyrd…got a little funky with Little Feat and The Talking Heads…found my soul band with the Clash…that lead me towards L.A with “X” and that emerging crazy bunch known as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I fought against the “fad” of hip-hop for years and years finally breaking down recently with the Wu-Tang Clan. All these groups were relevant for the time they were in.

I have no clue what a great band is right now. It really depends on the listener themselves. If you are convinced that Molly Hatchet is the best band to ever sweat profusely under stadium lights, then to you they are. Music is a personal thing. Believe me, if that is you- I will try to help you develop a more rounded taste of music. You should enjoy other things……AND NOT OTHER THINGS JUST LIKE MOLLY HATCHET…..I mean other things that are good and relevant to your life and soul.

And maybe that is the last thing this blog wants to be about…what do you listen to when you reach the point that you don’t have an idea what is going on anymore? When none of “new” stuff makes any sense. Do you just give up and only load Nickelback and Justin Bieber on the 3 generations ago ipod that you still have trouble finding the volume button on. Or do you step out into this brave new world and find some “now” good music.

I want to go into this cave that is ancient music and drag some relics out…but I also want to find things from today that are worthy to be painted on these walls.