Lou Reed

Goodbye and thanks to Brother Lou–we hardly knew you

You were complicated, angry and cynical. But instead of letting it build up inside and end up being a menace to society – you turned it into beautiful music. Gritty honesty with a warped sense of humor is a great combo. Somehow you became the first un-natural rock star.  The moves always looked forced and the voice was always nervous.

But you made it work and thanks.

You let us misfits know that we could get by.

I always thought of you as a long lost brother-It may be a bit weird but that’s what I thought, and now you are gone, may you head toward the great unknown in a blaze of feedback.

You were around for an eternity in Rock n’ Roll years but we still hardly knew you.

What Rock music does Batman listen to?

I see Batman as more of a classical music fan since he moves in those wealthy circles of society, maybe catching an opera or two along the way.

But that doesn’t mean a dude in a bat suit can’t rock out once in a while, we know he has a dark side. He is intelligent, we also know that he is not afraid to get down and dirty with the criminal element of Gotham. He is a great advocate of those unjustly accused. Gritty, Smart and defender of the masses- all in N.Y.C…I am thinking Lou Reed for the caped crusader. Cranking up “Sweet Jane” in the Batmobile as he tears out of the Batcave to extinguish a little vengeance on some offenders…yeah that works.

Top 4 Rock songs about Rock- still searching for the 5th.

1. Rock and Roll- Led Zeppelin – “Been a long time, been a long lonely lonely time”. This is the standard that all rock songs are measured against.
2. Rock n Roll- Lou Reed-“One fine mornin’, she puts on a New York station
and she couldn’t believe what she heard at all”. Lou Reed is the classic outsider that becomes cool- He should not be a rock star, he is short and awkward and not smooth as a singer- but he gives it all and throws N.Y.C grit in every beat. His music makes you feel like you are walking down a dark city street.
3. Rock n Roll ain’t noise pollution- AC DC– The lead singer Bon Scott has died and the critics were ready to bury the rest of the band with him. This tragic loss fueled the energy of “Back in Black”and this track is like a big -F U- to all the haters. To go on and even to reach a new level when losing a lead singer is an almost impossible feat in the history of rock.
4. I know it’s only Rock n Roll but I like it– The Rolling Stones- Simple and hypnotic. No fuss or additives thrown in. It’s only Rock n Roll but I like it says it all.
5. [ nothing here yet] I don’t have a fifth song because I wanted something that is powerful enough to sit at the table with the other four songs and hang out. There are some that could drop by for a quick visit and maybe grab a slice of pizza with these guys…but nothing that would be able to really hang out ‘till 3 in the morning when the 5th shot of tequila makes the rounds.