Phish Food and Lowell George

Since I made the claim that Phish were nothing more than the evil spawn of the Grateful Dead –the music gods seem to be lined up against me.  I keep receiving evidence that disproves that comment. It might be a friend posting a Phish version of “Oh Atlanta” on their wall- -What?, Phish covers Little Feat songs?- Little Feat was/is a great band-Lowell George was one of the great icons of “swamp” rock. There is the argument that he glorified drugs in his music…Yes, he seemed to have a love for cocaine and all its derivatives- and yes he would write about it often- And if you do something like that and die early- they are going to say “another druggie rock star crash and burn”. Let me say that Lowell was a rare special inspired talent – his music had so much life and intensity and humor that it is tough do cover versions. And back to Phish…their version does lack that spark…but Lowell George is an impossible spark to replicate so I can’t hold that against them. Phish also does a great  Spanish Moon that I found by accident this week-the music gods again?

And while driving a couple weeks ago the radio played a cover of the Gorillaz “Clint Eastwood” –I love that song and apparently so does Trey Anastasio because this was his band doing a cover of it. I had not heard this before but if this Trey Dude loves the same music as me-then I can’t be a Phish hater anymore. And lastly, if Trey and band stay alive and healthy long enough to keep going and keep surprising me –they might make a new  fan…I am almost there after completely being the opposite a couple months ago.