The Cult.Love Removal Machine

Gratuitous kick out the jam Thursday song. The Cult with a basic straight ahead rock song that puts the pedal down for a screaming ride on a dark stretch of highway—in a nonthreatening and exhilarating kind of way.  Like most of the music I feature –it was sitting in my head demanding one more play- so here we go!


Silversun Pickups.The Pit

Silversun Pickups with this song are psychotic-hypnotic-hipsterdisco-rock. Radiohead with a little sway; The Talking Heads from L.A instead of N.Y. This proves that Dave Letterman is still ice cool.

When I started doing this and all these great music bloggers were putting out a best of 2012 list-I had not listened to enough new music to join them- I am getting there and would throw this one on that list. (Yeah, a little late to the party but where are the plastic cups and I am good with whatever is in the keg, even if it is a little flat and warm by now, it still tastes great!)

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.

This song gets me every time. I was listening to Pandora on the iPod while sketching in Adobe illustrator, ready to shut it all down for the night and this song is thrown in the mix. I should not be surprised since I started the Pandora station with The Band as it seemed like great music to work with as winter comes to town. I could not shut it off…this song takes me down south in the wake of defeat and it kills me everytime I hear it. I am Virgil Cain watching those bluecoats march all over my life and take what is left of it away. I have to admit that I am not from the South, and really I am not from the North either so this song should have not have a direct impact on me but it does. It hits me right across the head and takes me back in time with it. This is what a great song can do…it can cast a spell on you for a few minutes and make connections in your soul that you don’t completely understand but feel anyway. Every single time this one gets to me and I have no explanation for it.