Blood Moon and Change


We had this awesome eclipse last night at the cave. I took a picture as it started with clouds and a picture nearing the peak without clouds…..Why not put them together? There are no rules to photoshop—there are no rules to blog posts—-Just two honest pics combining to make it look more like it felt.

The truth is out there.

And then something happened:


The moment you look at something and it is different

The thing itself is the same but as the Dude would say:

“new shit has come to light”

Spanish Moon- A brief Interpretation

Shifting through the dirt in the cave and looking around at the destruction that drugs has caused to the history of Rock I found a Little Feat Record “Waiting for Columbus” –this is possibly the best “live” album ever recorded during the great – Double Live Album Era of Rock. I think Peter Frampton started it off with ‘Frampton comes alive” …then it seemed like everyone and their mother joined in to release one. Speaking of mothers…a former member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention is coming at you today.  There is not a weak song on this record and the one I want to shine the cave flashlight on is “Spanish Moon” —on the surface it seems like just a fun song about a seedy little bar on the edge of town.  But listening now and thinking back on that era it seems more like a song on the cycle of addiction.  He knows this place is bad news but like the proverbial “moth to the flame”, he is going back anyway. The beauty of a great song is that it can be interpreted many different ways. 

“Don’t care who you are, you wake up ruined, you can lose it all at the Spanish Moon”