I am a Music Blogger-I love Music-I am a Criminal

English: Criminal silhouette to the right
English: Criminal silhouette to the right (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a music blogger-I love Music- I am a criminal

Every time I feature a YouTube video with no permission-I risk committing a criminal act. The artists and/or other companies that have rights to this video must allow me to post their stuff or I am walking that “breaking bad” line.

Does it matter that every human being with access to the web will hit up YouTube to check music they have interest in but do not own?

Do 8,000,000 views and a label of “official” mean anything?

I am seriously asking the question.

I do not want to look at my cell mate of the near future and tell him I am doing 5 to 10 because Robert Plant had taken issue with the 7 like buttons on my “Stairway to Heaven” post. “Yeah, I posted it and did not even flinch when I hit that publish button, I am one bad-ass blogger!”

I need more, it is an addiction.

I love to feature music and then talk about it and possibly even argue about it in that polite WordPress way with three or four smiley faces. And I don’t make any “big faces” doing this. It is done simply for the love of music.

So I ask again-Are us music bloggers all criminals?

A poem inspired by a rant

Using a post of mine and boiling it down to an essence of something different and profound is a cool thing. Thanks!

A Way With Words

Vintage Bingo card... I call BINGO!

A game of bingo

In the church basement

Humming “Stairway to Heaven”.



(thanks to waynelaw of “Cave of Fame” for the inspiration)

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Stairway to Heaven

This song has been played and played and played by every rock radio station and every beginning guitar player in the universe. The abuse that has poured on this classic should have done it in years ago…and it did. But…Wait…In the best example of digging a relic up and proving it can take it-Heart had the sheer beautiful audacity to get out there with Jason Bonham and play this in front of not just the President but also Led Zeppelin themselves… Rock n Roll audacity.