Monday after the Grammys

I made it through the first 2 hours of the Music Super-Bowl called the Grammys– there were some great moments. I did enjoy much of it- Mumford and Sons have rebooted rock music by going all the way back with acoustic instruments and harmonious pub style yelling so they deserve the award for best album. Fun and The Black Keys also got things going, this show may be the one when hip-hop is taking a few hits from rock music (they really never learned to play nice with each other).

For the Monday song, I’m going with the duo that everyone except bass players love. When I started this blog, I admitted that I knew nothing about this band (Can you call two guys a band?) and could not figure out why everyone was going crazy over them. That has changed with some listening -this music hits you like a virus that you can’t get over…. infectious… and I got it now. Best thing to come out of Akron, Ohio since Devo.(and don’t think too hard; there is no third thing, good or bad!)

Notes a year later:

What a silly music blogger I was- Akron is a hotbed of music talent. The great thing about blogging about anything is that you learn as you go and you get better.