My Morning Jacket-Hipster dancing and a good scream.

Nothing like a good scream in a rock song…they just make everyone feel better. And nothing like hipster dancing to give away the location of a hipster band. In the video of “Wordless Chorus” you can see “hipster dancing” going on…hipsters are too cool to let go but they have to move something to let the other hipsters know that they know this is good music. It is sort of a restrained shuffle that is careful not to invade the private space of any around you. A very civilized gentle movement indicating an enjoyment of the proceedings at hand but nothing overboard…I mean you have to be in cool-edgy style while you enjoy cool-edgy style.

This song has a quality rock scream to close it out…it is both surprising and fits in…it also goes through different tones and octave stretching. It contains emotion that spills over to the audience and screams how they would scream if only they could break out of their shells and join in.

I like this song and I like this band. That means you can basically drop any pretense of hipster-ism away from them. Well…almost. The dancing gives them away.

All replies welcome (be nice)

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