5 good covers…#4 Warren Zevon covers Steve Winwood- Back in the High life again.

Back in the High life again.

Sometimes digging in the cave you find a bright shiny gem that you had almost forgotten about. Warren Zevon was dark sardonic humor brought to life. Each song was a mini film noire with twists and turns and shady characters. Dark Humor walks on some dangerous streets and Warren was ready to bring you along for a stroll. This is a very rare vintage of sarcasm and cynicism mixed with brutal truth and reflection. I am struggling a bit with words to describe it…his songs always walked the edge.

Now let’s get to Steve Winwood. He seems to walk in the ethereal light of a gentle English meadow. There is a quality of the refined country gentleman about his music. He may still play the organ at his local country parish church once in a while.

So when Warren Zevon picks a Steve Winwood song to cover it has the chance to be something special. In the Steve Winwood version the song seems to be about the resolution of the struggle and getting life back where it should be. But in the Warren Zevon version the song seems to be about the struggle itself….Same damn song but not same damn song!

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