The Grammys = good music?

Award shows by an industry for an industry are weird. On one hand- they want to highlight some of the excellent product that has been produced during the year, but on the other-they want to set themselves as a viable thriving entity that is really cool and happening.  The Artists they pick will try to reflect both these things with a keen eye towards what the public has a taste for and will spend money on. Is this bad? Everybody has to get that rent paid one way or the other.

I like seeing the nominations because it shows what we have interest in and it lets me know if I missed something. I admit that the  Black Keys completely got by me. I am going to take a crash course on this band after I write this and probably find out a song or two is already in my cortex waiting to be processed.  Or maybe not….maybe I missed them completely. I know the name and I know people like them but I got nothing to say right now. This is reason #457 that I love music…a band has to be discovered by you personally to be part of your world. Going on a little discovery mission to the Black Keys universe may make them one of my favorites or I may hate them and everything they stand for.

So I guess the Grammys can still do some good work and bring attention to some good music, even if LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it is nominated for something.

All replies welcome (be nice)

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