Chrissie Hynde covers Radiohead “Creep”

Chrissie Hynde is Rock n Roll. The first Pretenders record is a great record- If you only heard Brass in Pocket, you only know the weakest track on it. I am in love with this woman…she just sets stuff up and kicks it down.  And I don’t mean that creepy, stalker kind of weird love even though I am picking a music track that is about that creepy stalker weird kind of love. I mean that 14 year old girl to Justin Bieber kind of love. That AAAHHHHH! OMG!, there is Justin….I can’t believe it….here is a sharpie Justin…please sign something while I text all my BFFs…Ahhhhhhhh! Kind of love.

O.K I admit to being a bit star struck and here she is doing that beautifully dark lullaby to isolation and unrequited-ness…I don’t think there is a better song about it.

All replies welcome (be nice)

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