Joni Mitchell – “River” Not a fan, but I’m not done yet so who knows.

Travis_front_003 (Photo credit: marcokenmoeller)

I heard the Sarah McLachlan version of this song a couple days ago and it hit me as a well written Christmas ballad. I’ve heard it before but it kind of went over or under my head and never really stuck. Reason #387 that music is cool –You can listen to stuff, even good stuff and it might take a while for you to really hear it and have it hit you. I don’t know why that is…just like I don’t know why time and mood and all the other elements that make you you seem to have a connection to what you hear and what you don’t. You can hear stuff as just ambient background fuzz or it can dance with your soul. Same music – just you in a different place.

Instead of the Canadian Mclaclan doing  her excellent version of fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell’s song…I kicked around a bit to find a Scottish dude doing a version…Hey…this piece of music is very wimpy for the cave so I needed Scotland to give it a little nip of whiskey, salmon fishing and a cold north wind…you know, rustic masculine stuff.

So here we go with a Travis version of this song that starts with a good story. Good stories make everything better.

Merry Christmas from the Cave!

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