Worst Rock Song of 2012- Van Halen “Tattoo”

David Lee Roth with Eddie Van Halen Taken at T...
David Lee Roth with Eddie Van Halen Taken at The Van Halen Tour featuring David Lee Roth (lead vocals), Eddie Van Halen (guitars), Wolfgang Van Halen (bass) and Alex Van Halen (drums). The concert was held at Bell Center, Montreal on 10th November, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was released in January of 2012, and it is so bad nothing could top it.

I admit that my heart went a little a-flutter when I heard that Eddie and Dave were back together…yes it was true…Sammy was off  “not driving 55”  on some other highway and Diamond Dave was back.  Van Halen with that mixture of over the top humor to go with the over the top super gymnastic guitar work and a new record…..This is going to be great!

Then I heard the first release “Tattoo” and I was in a state of shock…call 911-call 911- we have a music emergency…patient is unresponsive- he has a look of glassy eyed disbelief….please for the love of everything you hold dear shut that new Van Halen record off and get this man a cool drink of water!!!

Yes, it was a shock…The song comes off as a public service announcement about the evils of putting ink on your body…”Hey you kids, don’t be walking in them nasty parlors and letting them bad men stick them needles on your arms and other places or we may make fun of you in one of the lamest  reunion rock songs ever!  Got the message guys and thank you…I won’t be getting my new Dave tatt on the left cheek and my new Eddie tatt on the right…Appointment cancelled and go find Sammy and get him back now!

5 thoughts on “Worst Rock Song of 2012- Van Halen “Tattoo”

  1. No problem! Always happy to leave my 2 cents.

    The song was definitely polarizing. The day it came out on radio, the local rock DJ played it 4 times in a row. He had just as many callers complain as praise! I like hearing both perspectives, and thanks for posting yours!

    1. Thanks again…I don’t know what I expected when they got back together but it was like opening that gift of an ugly sweater when you expected the iPad…I loved the original band so much

      1. I hear you! Well who knows if they will ever be able to keep it together long enough to make a second album. Maybe you’ll get what you want if that happens. Although it’s hard to imagine that really happening considering how long it took to make this album!

  2. I am with you on what he was attempting to say- but the execution of the lyrics make it read different to me which is part of why it is so bad in my view. His tongue is not out and spitting blood at you like some other rock bands, his tongue is always firmly attached to his cheek …and all due respect to Uncle Danny and the union…seems like another place and another time…just like Van Halen…Great band for a now gone era.
    As always, thanks for reading and commenting…

  3. Love this album, and after a while I even loved this song 🙂

    I never got the impression that this song was anti-tattoo though. Dave talks about his own tattoos in his book. I always felt this song was about how a tattoo is like an autobiography, and how it tells a story.

    Uncle Danny had a coal tattoo
    He fought for the union
    Some of us still do
    On my shoulder is the number
    of the chapter he was in
    that number is forever like
    the struggle here to win.

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