Lumineers. Stubborn Love

My new favorite song from The Lumineers…I swear I can feel that cold wind from the North Sea when I hear this and that somehow makes it comforting. I know- both this band and me are a long way from that body of water so this makes no sense. This new folk is good for the soul in troubled times. It takes me back to places locked up and forgotten. Yeah…music has that power.

10 thoughts on “Lumineers. Stubborn Love

  1. I had the priviledge to see them live in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin last October when they supported The Civil Wars, they were very good indeed. That was the first time I had heard them or, indeed, of them and I really liked them. I must admit I haven’t got any of their music as yet, I even missed out when iTunes had their single for free but I must put that right, and soon.

    1. Thanks and glad they were good …I have not seen them yet. I admit to being a bit late to the party with this song and this band but they got me now!

  2. Like a bag of good tater chips, there isn’t a bad song in their bag. I can see why you like this one so much. It is like the first chip out of the bag.

    1. It makes it so much better when there is a quality video to post with the music! This song may tip the scales and make this new folk style a certified cultural rage…I think it is that good.

      1. That is a good point, the music that creates the new wave is usually great or it won’t happen, once it gets rolling then all the crap gets washed up on shore.

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