ABC Awards


Much thanks go out to indytony @ for sending this award to the cave!

I am thrilled to get it!

The bloggers below all approach music with a passion that makes each a good visit. So I am spreading the joy of the ABC award to all of them. The requirements are to state something about yourself with each letter of the alphabet and nominate a few other bloggers. It can be as simple as one word or as complicated as you see fit. This is my crack at it.

I am hoping that the response is good because I can’t wait to read what these rabid music fans will have to write. And after going through this somewhat difficult but rewarding process myself-I completely understand if some choose to pass on this one. a song a day challenge   discovering underground music   music that is always freshly picked collecting metal music detailed exploration of a large music collection artist by artist another day another album tales of music mixed with record store adventures this guy is funny and knowledgeable, never a bad click to this site  sharing a love of music  country based and loves great music of all types passionate about music and its power to change us popular music can be great Inspiration, Passion, Belief.

And I know I probably left some deserving bloggers off this list but that is the dilemma in doing these things. So fear not and keep blogging and I may get you with one if the blogging gods keep sending  them my way!

10 thoughts on “ABC Awards

  1. Good luck to all the nominees, many of whom I read regularly and heartily endorse for this award. I wish I had the time to participate, but I’ll have to sit on the sidelines as an enthusiastic cheerleader. You all do great work, and it’s nice to share our various & diverse musical passions.

  2. Thank you so much for the award and for including a blog about country music. There aren’t too many that aren’t radio station controlled and I try to make mine different. Thanks for including me, I’m excited to read through your list of blog nominees, they all look diverse and wonderful. I love all kinds of music, so thanks!

  3. Thank you for the nomination. I have an idea, and it will end up being a short novel, but it will let readers know more about me, the good and the bad. The stories, I could tell, and probably shouldn’t, but probably will. Is there a time limit to this. It might take me a week or so.

    1. I may have answered this but there is no expiration date and there are no restrictions…it took me a week to think about it and another week to write it…it has been worth all the effort as it forced me to expand the horizons of the cave a bit…now I got to smooth out a wall and hang this baby up somewhere!

      1. There is a group of award winners on Facebook, by what I read from the originator of the award. Congrats and thanks again for the nomination.

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