Movement of Ska people- From Madness to Sublime

Ska used to be a tonic for the oppressed. Maybe because it has its roots in Jamaica where it seems like economic strife and hardship are permanent fixtures. It found a home in Britain then made its way to America to gain smoothness and swagger. I never think that music loses anything as it gets interpreted by different people in different places. That is part of what makes it so great.

Reggae is the rhythmic offspring of Ska- your body will tell you the difference- Reggae makes you sway and Ska makes you jump.

You know the cave guy loves every kind of music but that does not mean that every kind of music can get this guy moving. So I’m gonna take you on a ride that can be enjoyed no matter what kind of life you have. Beat down by the man or the man himself. Ska will make you move.

I give you three of the English version, including the Clash going back to the start with a cover of Toots and the Maytals .

Step one- Madness.One Step Beyond

Something Special-Specials.Ghost Town

The Clash.Pressure Drop

And two American- One pop music and one west coast swagger.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones.The Impression that I Get


My apologies to Fishbone who I tried to find a place for in this post but it always felt like you guys didn’t quite fit. Awesome band but we don’t know where to put you…I know –you’re heard that before.

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