Top 5 Cool Splash Songs about Swimming…Welcome Summer!


I don’t care if it’s 37 degrees fahrenheit or 2 degrees celsius outside- Summer is here and let’s go swimming…and I got to sketch a little cartoon! (I will hold off on calling this an art blog for the moment)

5. MGMT. Electric Feel

Great vibe and great song. I don’t feel too bad that I am too old to be invited to this party with the cool kids, because to be honest…. I had no shot of going even when I was this age. I could have showed up with 100 dollar bills taped to my forehead and a case of good tequila under my arm and I still was not getting in (I may, however, have been instantly mugged). But, if I was this cool, this is where I would have loved to be, splashing in the Amazon and getting shocked like an electric eel !

4. B-52’s.Rock Lobster

The first release from those crazy guys and girls from the Athens scene and I was in love right from the beginning (They had me at “his earlobe falling in the deep”!). This is something an underground music-loving outsider could shake his money maker to! I was waiting for this and it was liberating to let go on that dance floor (thankfully no footage is available).

3.The Pixies. Where is my Mind

I know I just wrote about this, but it is such a good song and deserves many replays. I have yet to regret the journey that this song takes me on. Having an existential experience while little fishes chase you around in the warm Caribbean ocean. How cool is that!

2.Metric. Breathing Underwater

I love the chorus “Is this my life? Am I breathing underwater?” – “I am a knife and you are the blade” or is it “I am the shovel and you are the spade?”

A twist on the fish out of water concept as we go with the “non-fish in water”….Yes, my mind is blown…Powwwww!!!

But it does not have to make sense to the conscious mind to connect to the unconscious mind and make you feel something down deep; and I mean really deep, where all life is transparent and freaky-looking and glows with weird bioluminescence.

And this song makes me feel better every time I hear it.

1.R.E.M Nightswimming

Summer is fading, innocence is fading, and youth is fading, so let’s take one more dip.

This is probably my favorite R.E.M tune. It does not destroy your vulnerability, but it does put you out there with it, drip-drying on the porch and hoping that the screen door was left unlocked.

11 thoughts on “Top 5 Cool Splash Songs about Swimming…Welcome Summer!

  1. Reblogged this on Cave of Fame and commented:

    This might be slightly cheap- but this is from a year ago when I had few visitors and my stuff just might have been a bit funnier (I know, how is that possible!). I still love these songs for the start of summer. Cheers!

  2. Very difficult to find anything negative to say if a list includes anything from Automatic for the People. I suppose Morrissey’s “Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning” would have taken the list in a macabre direction!

    1. Thanks…maybe when I do songs about sleep- I will throw in “Girlfriend in a Coma”
      Just trying to have some fun with this one…
      Some posts are well received and some are…well something to make to good one stand out more.

      1. haha – I clicked on the link before noticing it was a reblog – it was bizarre seeing I had already commented on the post!
        One year later, they continue to be good choices – nice cartoon as well!

      2. Thanks…first time I have done this, I love these songs and this post keeps showing up as one my greatest “hits” for reasons I can’t explain- it gets traffic but little activity. Thanks for the double visit.

  3. I love the B52’s and I loved that I never quite understood Rock Lobster, or for that matter, anything they sang. I always stop and listen to them, I admire their perseverance. I admire anyone that can get DailyMotion to work right, I tried for days and just gave up. Great post, lots of cool music!

    1. Thank you and appreciate the continued support! I went to more Daily Motion because Youtube was acting up. The trick I found was removing the Hyperlink stuff in the address-like the color and underline always makes the video links work! Hope that helps

  4. Might be a while before I go for a dip in the land of Canuck, but cheers. Also…hoping “Swimming Songs” is more about what could be playing on a boombox while we’re swimming, not a beat we should be swimming to. I’d need a lifejacket for Rock Lobster.

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