Awards are like Tequila


I love awards and I love tequila but I have to be careful with both, it is easy to get out of control. They both go better with a few grains of salt.

I made this award as a joke for my blog but then again, that is how all these awards start. Someone makes one and adds some criteria…”tell me about you and pass this sucker on to 10-15 deserving bloggers who will do the same.” And they will do the same and on and on. And after a while it will seem like a chain letter but not like a chain letter because those that are drinking are talking and meeting new people who are opening up and breaking out of their little blogger shells- so it’s like a shot of tequila! People are happy!

I am absolutely honored by all the nominations I have received. It is great for anybody to visit and feel I am worthy of playing this game….so thanks because I love to party once in a while.

I loved doing the A.B.C award…I really did!

An award makes me loud and friendly as I spread the joy of this new gregarious “awardness” me all over the blogosphere. Just like “tequila me” might be a more fun guy.

“Living in the limelight approaches the unreal”

And I guess that is where I feel the disconnect. I feel like a bartender passing out the limes, salt and blue agave distillate- it is great when the glasses are picked up but kind of a bummer when they are not. I don’t wish to pick and chose and risk aggravating those who are on the wagon in my friendly community. Plus, they are a lot of work. Plus, if you go crazy, you can become an award alcoholic and your blog becomes just a blog about receiving and handing out awards.

So if you are an Award Agnostic like me and want to put this on your blog…please just take it and do what you want with it. You don’t need to credit me or contact 15 new blogs. You don’t need to do anything because I had fun making it.

And if you send me an award- I just might join in and down it in one gulp because I still want to believe. I am not offended either way.

7 thoughts on “Awards are like Tequila

  1. I love the way you put this! I too had a period of time blogging where the awards were coming in thick and fast and I felt overwhelmed. Not that I didn’t appreciate them, but a blog can get pretty boring if too many posts are about awards.

  2. I’m a greedy award pig, I absolutely love getting them. The best part is getting to pick out some fantastic blogs to spotlight on mine, I always feel like the blog fairy. They can be overwhelming though and I’m trying to cut back on how often I post mine. It can take away that I need to be use to write better. And I looooooove tequila. Love.

    1. Thanks, it does seem like people love or hate awards with just a few in the middle like me….but tequila- wonderful nectar that should not be abused but celebrated!

  3. Reblogged this on Sued51's Blog and commented:
    I saw this today and thought it was clever. To those wonderful readers who gave me awards I never posted, and never got to pass on to others…I’m sorry…but for my own mental health…I need to get on the wagon!

  4. This is a great idea! I still feel guilty about awards that were given to me that I never had the time to fulfill…this helps me get rid of it!

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