The Clash.The Card Cheat

My favorite Clash song

Brooding and direct

It works on you on many levels

This band at their best

Honest and rambles down the road of your soul like a rusty car of truth that cannot be stopped

It does not lose or gain power over the years- it revolves around and quietly orbits the music universe waiting a glance in the right direction

That is what all great music does

So enjoy —and I encourage you to buy this song and go search out more of the greatest band to walk this earth

And if legal representatives want me to remove this post or threaten to put me in jail or fine me because the 7 or 8 people that might click on this bother them- then I will remove it

But I don’t do this to steal music- I do this to share my love of great music

Thanks for dropping by the cave

4 thoughts on “The Clash.The Card Cheat

  1. Oh, The Clash. That takes me right back to my teen years. Them, the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks, the Damned. I was meant to be studying for my end of school exams but instead was listening to this great new music coming out of England and haunting the two record stores in Sydney that sold it.

    1. Thanks Matt..I guess it does have that low brow orchestral feel… It is hidden among a ton of incredible songs on London Calling…big difference between hits and favorites when you really get into a band!

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