Do you ever yearn?

Do you ever yearn?

Yearn: to have a strong desire for somebody or something, especially when the desire is tinged with sadness.

That is really what all these unrequited love songs are about.

Maybe it is all this rain gently washing away the January snow that has me in this yearning funk.

I don’t know… but the best way to deal with it-is to find some great songs and let them rain in on my soul.

There is something always pure about something that is unattainable-if you can’t get it then it follows that you can never diminish it. It stands there in all its glory and remains just out of reach.

Mix it with talent and music and magic happens.

These songs are all great and I am just scratching the surface.

Howard Jones. No one is to blame

Bonnie Raitt I can’t make you love me

Cake. The Distance

James Blunt.You’re Beautiful

And for George and his constant craving:

10 thoughts on “Do you ever yearn?

  1. Reblogged this on Cave of Fame and commented:

    I am writing again although it is slow and difficult – so here is a post from a couple years ago to hopefully hold my dwindling but faithful followers over. The flow here is so smooth and unforced – it may take a while to get back to this level.

    1. I missed this one the first time. Really nice post. I hope these songs continue to guide you through this difficult time. I’ve always enjoyed the story behind “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” One of the writers read a story about a man who got drunk & shot as his girlfriend’s car. When the judge asked if he learned anything from the experience, the man replied something like “you can’t make a woman love you if she don’t.” Little does he know that several people made a lot of money off that statement, and it proves that inspiration can come from anywhere.

  2. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is such a great song. Depressing, yet so true. Hearing that others have yearning and heartache makes the pain a little more tolerable.
    By the way, that “Seinfeld” clip is from one of my favorite episodes.

  3. The distance – great song. Much like their food namesake, I find I can only handle Cake in small doses. In those small amounts though, they’re distinctive & excellent.

    1. Who doesn’t like a little cake sometimes? I admit this one is very syrupy sweet with Howard Jones mixed in, but I did add a little southern whiskey by throwing in a healthy shot of Bonnie Raitt to even out the flavor!

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