Cave Olympics -Classic Rock


Cave Olympics -Classic Rock

No messing around-nothing fancy- Straight ahead Rock n roll songs that still have plenty of rubber left on the tires.

I am not picking the usual worn out suspects for the cave medals.

Anybody and their un-house trained dog can pick  ‘Back in Black” or “Satisfation” as the top rock songs of all time.

I went with songs I love that still have plenty of juice.

Like a big pack of energizer batteries with an expiration date of “never”.

Here we go

The Bronze:

Lynyrd Skynyrd.Call me the Breeze

J J Cale wrote it and they put it on one of the best sophomore albums of all time and just kicked the dry excrement right out of it. What a song and what an original line up of whoop-ass.

The Silver:

Pretenders.Mystery Achievement

Another great effort by another short lived line up. This first Pretenders record always gets forgotten when we talk of the greats. You can call it punky new wave if you like. I call it straight ahead Rock music with feeling and with conviction.

The Gold:

Rolling Stones.Gimme Shelter

This song has relentless timeless power.

This is rock n roll.

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