Give me a double-it has been a rough day

Straight ahead and pure rock with no artificial ingredients today kids.

There are some songs that always have to be played together or you will be left wanting more.

Like two stars in orbit around each other lighting up the rock n roll galaxy.

ZZ Top.Waitin for the bus/Jesus just left Chicago

Is it conflict and resolution?

Queen.We will rock you/We are the Champions

Is it one long intro and one song?

I don’t know why…part of it is they followed each other on the albums and they worked together like peanut butter and chocolate—-and in those L.P. days-if you tried to stop the record without playing the second song, someone would throw a beer bottle at you.

Led Zeppelin. Black dog/Living Loving Maid

OK you got me-not exactly Led Zep but a bunch of kids having fun. This school of rock phenomenon- I have mixed feeling on—on the one hand it is great that kids are keeping the music alive and are staying out of trouble by hanging out and staying off the streets.  And on the other hand- kids are  using rock to stay out of trouble and learn something—–using rock music as a thing that is learned instead of doing it because “what the hell you are angry and broke anyway”  so let’s go for it.

I am cool with that and Led Zeppelin is a good place to start—-and knowing that these two songs always go together because it is a rule of the rock n roll universe it an important lesson learned.

Cheers from the cave!

8 thoughts on “Give me a double-it has been a rough day

  1. Pink Floyd – Brain Damage/Eclipse
    Black Sabbath – Wall of Sleep/NIB
    The Guess Who – No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
    Marillion – Psuedo Silk Kimono/Kaleigh (FTW?)

    1. Yes and thanks -I just picked the three most obvious ones to me- I almost put in Beatles.Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band /With a Little Help from my Friends.
      I know there are many more.

  2. You inspired me to get out my ZZ Top Chrome, Smoke & BBQ box set today because of this post. Just finished up disc one. Thank you!

    Interesting thing about the double-songs. I too have wondered these things as well. Judas Priest – Heavy Duty/Defenders of the Faith is kind of similar too.

    1. I was listening to my old forgotten iPod and it played Waitin for the Bus—-with no Jesus leaving Chicago to follow and it was most unsatisfying—-which got me thinking about a couple more that always go together.

      1. On the box set they’re together as well. And I can imagine it WOULD sound weird if they were not.

        Interesting subject, I enjoyed this!

  3. Three things, not really related but sort of…
    1. My husband and I saw ZZ Top live up at the Casino near us last November – what an amazing show. So much fun!
    2. The high school I went to made a habit of playing We will Rock You / We are the Champions over the PA after we won every sporting event or award – several times before home room.
    3. Um, I love Led Zeppelin. The end. lol
    I don’t know what your poison is, but I have some cold Alexander Keiths in the fridge if you’d like one. Great Canadian brew! 🙂

    1. I just have one response. Enjoyed some of Keiths in a pub in Digby, Nova Scotia many years ago and loved the whole experience. Great place with great people. I was talking to my brother a couple nights ago about where we would live if we had the means to go anywhere—And N.S. is right on top of the list for me.

      1. Never been to the Maritimes…furthest east is Quebec, Quebec…I know I need to remedy that (I live North of Toronto, Ontario).

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