Wax Tailor.How I Feel

Wax Tailor.How I Feel

They call it trip hop and I call it old guy suave- this dude is almost 40 which is about 120 when you translate rock music to regular years —— it goes the opposite way in jazz —the older you get-the cooler you get. I like this music. It does not pound you in the head; it seeps in the brain like a rising tide of sophistication. Must be a French thing.

This is closer to bebop than hip hop-

Rock music is young people being inspired and all over by the time you hit 28 (or don’t hit it). That is largely true because even the geriatric rockers are still playing songs they wrote when they were young. The typical fan is yelling “play the good stuff—-from the first two records—-not that crap you guys did when you got older!!”—- O.K. they don’t exactly say it like that—-but that is what they mean.

Then you have this guy making good music and even new music that you want to hear even though he is not still a puppy. The paradigm has shifted in a cool way. Art should improve as you gain experience. It happens in folk music—–it used to happen in country music (Country music adopted the young and gun model from rock and added the “have to be good looking- no exceptions” clause to it for new country).

Wax Tailor and a really cool frozen

Disney is ubiquitous and that song about the cold never bothering a true princess bothers me a ton. It bothers me because it is and cookie cutter emotion. It takes kids and unsuspecting adults on a journey that makes them feel emotion just to feel emotion. There you felt something so you can say that you felt something. I love animation but I hated the few minutes that I was exposed to this “Frozen” movie—-That is OK because it is not for me-Wax Tailor is for me and when he does essentially the same thing as Disney and manufactures fake emotion in an alternative slightly edgy but mostly the  same cute way as Disney—I am eating it up—I am a little princess myself!

Wax tailor and the girl with the really bad henna dragon tattoo

I figured I would leave you in a jazzy strip club to finish up this post. It also has dragons in it which seems to be a new theme around the cave.

I am glad I found this dude and this type of music.

Music that old dogs can dance to without having to learn any new tricks.

Thank you Mr. Jean-Christophe Le Saoût.



2 thoughts on “Wax Tailor.How I Feel

  1. I was mistaken – GZA does have an album (liquid swords) on the 1001 – it was classified in the index as ‘Genius/GZA’ so when I scanned for just GZA, I missed it.
    So they got it right after all!

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