Reflections on “Bad”

“The great thing about being music insane instead of regular insane is that you hear songs in your head instead of voices”

Yeah—I said that in another post which I may or may not have published-

Anyway, it’s 3:07 in the morning and I am wide awake-“Wide Awake, I’m not Sleeping’—to quote a line from Sir Bono. Maybe it’s that super moon outside which has us all a little wired-the werewolves are just a little more hairy and track you down a little faster!

“Bad” is playing in my head as I shift positions and filter through all my 99 problems until I decide they will dissipate to solutions and I will get up and write a blog post.

It is “leave this hollow place and break away into the half-light…through the flame” that makes the trouble all run from me.

The power in that line and the power in this song has me in a trance.

I have never been to Ireland so forgive me if my vision of a place where Christianity and mysticism combine with rain to keep the land green and Guinness flows naturally to fill a pint glass are a little off. (That is my feeling and I hope to check that with an actual visit in the not too distant future)

This song could only have been made by an Irish band-it has all of that in it and more.

“Bad” was an anthem in the much maligned decade of the 1980’s. We forget about the quality.

“If I could, If I could, I would let it go”

You can interpret this classic anyway you want.

I see it as the never ending struggle to escape the bonds that bind us to whatever we struggle with—being wide awake gives us a chance to look at them clearly for what they are—they are temporary-the permanent is still being formed.

Hey, that is just me.

Just a guy who writes about rock music and is wide awake under this big bright moon.



7 thoughts on “Reflections on “Bad”

  1. How long is a drunkard from an Irishman?
    Don’t know why that came to mind reading this, but it did. Thought you might like it. Stole it from some long ago Irish philosopher. Musical insanity seems the safest and most enjoyable form of insanity I have ever experienced. Hope all is well as can be for you and your family.

    1. Thanks much— things are going as well as they can although we still have a long way to go-we try to move in a positive direction each and every day.

      I do like the joke 🙂

      1. 🙂 reminds me of the Englishman, Irishman, and Scotsman all getting served Guinness with a fly floating in the foam. The Englishman pushes the pint away and refuses to drink….the Irishman flicks the fly out and gulps the glass down….and the Scotsman grabs the fly, places it on the table and yells at it “spit it out you bastard!!!” 🙂

  2. Thank you Sarca, wide awake at 3am and the song is playing in my head…I listened to it over and over but that was many, many super moons ago. 🙂

  3. “True colours fly in blue and black, bruised silken sky and burning flag…”
    The Unforgettable Fire is in my pantheon of great albums. Like you, I always hear music in my head, and this particular album plays in my head like a CD track. The instant I saw “Bad” on your post, this song started to play instantly in my head. This will be a good anthem as I forge forward to work following my vacation. Thanks.

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