Dire Straits.Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet


I recently took a little stroll around the WP neighborhood and hit a post about Dire Straits Making Movies – http://80smetalman.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/great-rock-albums-of-1981-dire-straits-making-movies/ – It caught my attention for a couple reasons: I like this entire record and it hides my sentimental favorite from Mark Knopfler.

This one always stops me in my tracks.

I am like that deer on the side of the busy highway – just standing there – the sound and speed wash over me.

I am still

(Up here in the wild Northeast – this is a common sight— not me having a “time stop” moment when a song plays—but the bit about seeing a deer standing patiently on the side of the road.)

*Anyway – I digress much so back to the post at hand.

Last night I am driving and from out of the blue – this song plays on the radio – this song never plays on the radio. You might hear “Sultans of Swing” or “Money for Nothing” – but not this.

It still works

Yep, defenseless fawn me watching all the big metal boxes on wheels and nothing I can do.

I am stupefied from the first little guitar pluck.

He nails that fated to fail with loaded dice romance thing beautifully —- he takes us with him — so we can all ride in the leaky love boat and sink in the lake of the human condition.

All of us know this lake – it is a short ride around the corner – the bar next to it always full of desperate patrons, who, after drinking two more than they should.

Will hum this tune

Great song

Cheers from the cave!



13 thoughts on “Dire Straits.Romeo and Juliet

  1. The hubs and I often have those “deer by the side of the road” moments with Dire Straits. A random never heard on the radio song of their pops on and we’re all “WOW, you never hear that song on the radio!” And then we turn it up!

  2. NEW Mark Knopfler song ‘Beryl’ out today from the new CD Tracker (yet to be released)—https://lookhere3.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/%E2%9C%AA-beryl-mark-knopfler-first-release-from-new-cd-tracker/

  3. Thanks. no web radio, just youtube videos.
    From the same Night in London concert 1996–Cannibals and Darling Pretty


    Lady Writer on the TV live, around 1979

  4. this version of the song is the best. . with the Resonator , and has a surprize of MK choking up at one point (‘I’d do anything for you. . . I can’t do anything but be in love with you. . ‘)

      1. What you said about R&J never played on the radio grabbed me.
        I have the radio on low when I sleep-‘classic rock’. Approx. every 3- 4 months I’d hear a song, in my sleep guess, and wake up, but couldn’t get the words or the whole song. But the sweet & melancholy feel of the song came through. I was dying to know what it was! When I learned the title at last, 5 months ago– it was this.
        . . .That started me off to explore MK & DS past the few radio hits they had. Wow–the door blew open for me !
        I’ve put some of his stuff on my blogs and I enjoy knowing others appreciate him.

      2. I will have check that out. Feel free to post a link in this thread if you want. I am glad your radio station plays it even if they do wait for everyone to go to sleep. 🙂

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