The Weight of Love – The Black Keys

Weight of Love

The Black Keys are a great rock bank.

They don’t fight the time they live in – they embrace it.

This song screams old Pink Floyd with nodes of David Gilmour jam over a quiet background of disillusioned isolation. BUT – Don’t sue them please!

This is artistic influence people.

This is taking the clay of what was before and shaping it for enjoyment right now.

This song has weight – it has mass with a gravitational pull that draws you in – you orbit in free fall while your brain gets a gentle waterfall of clarity – you know —- that is what great music is supposed to do —-if it does not do that – it is not great music.

These guys are the Rolling Stones and U2 of today.

Yes – damn it – I said it —- don’t waste your time paying $478 from a ticket broker to see if Keith Richards can still stand up for a two hour show.

Go see The Black Keys

Go see a band that is playing music they just wrote – go support wild “fresh caught” music.

Cooked right in front of you.

I went to the band website and there is a button you click to play this song (along with others)– not 12 seconds of the song – but this entire song. That is embracing the time we live in.

Simple and great.

20 thoughts on “The Weight of Love – The Black Keys

  1. I have never heard of this band, but they sound so nostalgically beautiful. It is true that such bands nowadays are coming close to an extinction because they refuse to be original and stick to the amazing roots of rock may it be whichever kind of rock!

  2. Really great band. I enjoyed El Camino, but have yet to be won over by the new one. Mostly because their earlier stuff is so strong. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend Thickfreakness, Rubber Factory and Magic Potion. Really great albums start to finish. Attack & Release is a goody too, actually.

    1. Thank you much for this – I am just happy we have a great rock band that can produce great music – this used to be a “given” —not so much no more.

      1. Yup – completely agree with you there. Great rock bands are hard to come by. I find that when I find something a tad exciting, I end up disappointed as albums tend to be aimed a tad too much at the masses (mostly rock by numbers and a bit too glossy).

      2. I think because the genre is hurting – we (as fans) are too focused on someone to make a big splash to save it —-The Black Keys just go to work and get it done. 🙂

      3. Yeah – they’re so steeped in so much of the great stuff and they enjoy it and mean it … they make it seem effortless.

      4. Must be an Akron, Ohio thing – working to make music instead of waiting to be inspired. Sound grounded and cool.

      5. Well, I believe Joseph Arthur hails from that very same place and he’s another that keeps producing good music – I’d recommend his Our Shadows Will Remain if you haven’t heard it.

    1. “El Camino” is where I first caught them – I was late to this party. “Lonely Boy” is as good a rock single as anything this century.

      1. That is all I am trying to say – this is a rare and beautiful thing today —- A good solid rock band that can produce hit after hit. And “Lonely Boy” – I would also call a genuine classic—-there will be more.

      2. LOVE “Lonely Boy”…but I also really dig the current songs I’m hearing on the radio. I think they are actually getting better as they go on.

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