Pokey LaFarge

Any parent with a teenager knows that you will sometimes hear strange sounds coming from their room, and unlike what all the TV programs and magazines say about parenting —We do not want to know what is going on!

So when I heard THIS — This tin pan alley type music blaring one day from behind the mysterious-door-of-quickly-dissolving-childhood – I broke my “don’t ask don’t tell” policy and yelled through the door.

“Son, what the hell are you listening to?”

“Dad – This is Pokey LaFarge”

“Pokey LaFarge?”

It’s old and it’s new – it’s really old and really new – even the name is too quirky to be quirky.

Is quirky the new cool?

Pokey Lafarge?

What can I say – the boy has great taste in music.

If you go to the band site there is a free download of his new song – Something in the Water—although the file does sneak into your system like a virus – so good luck finding it after you play it.


13 thoughts on “Pokey LaFarge

    1. According to my son (the expert), Pokey loves the city of St. Louis and all it stands for. I agree that it is a bold new recipe with some traditional ingredients.

  1. Hurrah! for Pokey LaFarge. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, though – last one I bought was Middle of Everywhere. That was a while ago now. Brilliant stuff. Cheers for highlighting this was out there!

    1. Jack White’s Third Man Records produced his previous work … which is pretty kicky, too. Glad to see I’ve got company in the Pokey LaFarge Fan Club!

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