November can be a cruel month


November can be a cruel month, but then again ….can’t they all.

I was dreading the arrival of my least favorite month, and then I thought, why not go with it. Enjoy the season as best you can. It’s all about the orange – orange leaves, orange pumpkins and hunters all flamed up in orange.

So I did a little rework on my favorite orange photograph.

And found a great version of my favorite November song.

Here we go people.

Cheers from the cave!

17 thoughts on “November can be a cruel month

  1. Very cool. I’ve never heard this before, but now I’ve added it to my collection. Thanks!
    I’m rather a fan of November. Hope it’s treating you well.

  2. Oh. That’s a swell pic, Wayne. And a fine take of a, perhaps, over-familiar song. Here’s to a swell November …

      1. Pleasure, not really a Guns and Roses, fan, prefer groups like the Cream, but this is a great song with a really interesting and and powerful performance., so thanks for blogging it or i would have missed it, and been the poorer for it, Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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