Monochromatic and Moi

I go to this photo all the time – it is special – not only is it my favorite but my wife was on the riverbank with me when I took this back in 2012 –

It was the first time I did any work in manual mode with my DSLR and of course later — some gratuitous and unrefined use of Photoshop

I made it black and white and then hit it with an orange filter to give it that “old time—found in the attic” vibe.

The contrast is stark and extreme because that is how the world looks to me—-everything hits my brain like this.

It will calm down (it’s starting to slowly subside at times) – and peace is back-filling into my absent conscious.

All things change and flow – and there comes a place when a life is not bound by the constraints of time —- all is a flood.

Yeah – it is like that today




9 thoughts on “Monochromatic and Moi

    1. Thanks ApplePie – it is going to take a while.

      It’s like walking on an alien landscape with storms that make no sound enveloping you and then releasing you. And all quiet – so things echo and reverb in your hollow mind – they don’t find a place to anchor…..just bounce back and forth.

      I guess this is what grief feels like.

      And I guess it is different for everybody.

      I will be ok and I will be back to regular posts.

  1. Your world is stark and you are on a lonely journey but to have good strong memories will carry you through. You will learn to live with your loss, you will never forget – but one day you will feel a sense of acceptance.

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