Skate = Joy

My blades hit the ice and I am free – even though I am weaving in and out and around masses of inept humanity —

I am free

Even though I am old and rusty

I am free

You people don’t understand – you 4 or 5 better skaters out here that seem to be taunting me

I am free

You can’t contain me – you can’t diminish me

I am free


Thanks to my kids for dragging me down to the rink. Something happens when I get out on the ice – my spirit tends to soar, not just a little – but completely. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it—-

And to know it still happens, …. Even now, when I am feeling a bit “relicly” and a bit “used up”.

It is a cold fact that I am beat-up and in recovery mode.

But not on the ice

On frozen water

I am free.

[Disclaimer: I am a 50+ dinosaur from another age with semi-blunt skates that are half my age – I may have a diminished skill set—–but the SWAG —-oh yeah —- that is intact]

Cheers from the ice!

19 thoughts on “Skate = Joy

  1. you’re words even sound like fun..:)
    remembering to feel like a kid is one of the best steps in healing….
    it’s good to find a place to be free…I haven’t stated in many(many) years…though I remember that feeling
    good post….
    Take Care…You Matter…


      1. We rollerblade at a local roller rink. We’re not quite ready for the derby yet, my daughter is only 11 🙂

        It’s good exercise! And it’s fun!

      2. I don’t mind roller type skating, it is also fun – but my heart belongs to the ice. I think it’s that northern winter mentality that I am afflicted with. 🙂

    1. Thanks much – you don’t have hockey rinks right? I mean all that surf and good weather, it would not be fair if you could skate as well. 🙂

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