Lone Tree



This is a forgotten image I stumbled on while organizing all the graphic stuff on my computer. And I mean ALL…all pictures, all Photoshop, all Illustrator, even my pathetic little 2 month bender with Flash (what tragic and flawed “train wreck” animation I spewed to life!)

Anyway – this tree does pack some emotional punch but it is not an accurate representation of my well-being (At least not all the time).

Grief is a miserable selfish bastard that is often cyclical and pathetic. It wants to throw you down and reopen wounds to rub in doubt every chance it can.

But even knowing the useless and often self-wallowing walrus that you are becoming to everyone (including yourself).

You still have to keep dancing with this beast until??………..[I don’t know the answer]

I am out on the floor – but I am ok.

Muted Cheers from the cave.

10 thoughts on “Lone Tree

  1. I spent some time this dark morning reading through some of your posts Wayne, and I intensely identity with your writing mood so much so that I could weep…….

    I will be back.

      1. I understand where you’ve been, and those are dark places, and this is also a de-energising time of the year. I wish you well and trust that with the new season around the corner, it will revive your spirits and help you grow into a new future.
        Best regards, john.

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