Clouds this morning

I walked outside to a renaissance painting of a sky – I got this thing for looking up – clouds, stars, birds, rain, snow — all the stuff from the heavens— I don’t know if it is a thing or a sensitivity.

You could be accurate when you say – “I have my head in the clouds”.

This morning was wild – the clouds were painted – I almost expected Zeus to reach down and tap me on the shoulder… saying something godly like “Dude, really? What you looking for? Take your dog for a walk or something – It’s going to be a nice day!”

Something like that – but it was just me looking up and feeling a little juice in the atmosphere.

A little wake-up call to action.

I need that spark  because my next post will be the grand “Mission Statement” about the future of the cave.

Changes coming to the way we operate around here.


17 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Absolutely AMAZING! I look forward to seeing your mission statement. They are hard to think of, but as long as it comes from the heart you can never go wrong ;). Oh and I noticed a heart cloud in the center of your last photo. ^_^

  2. Beautiful! I’d say, more Turner or Constable than Renaissance, though. Have you read Damisch’s A Theory of /Cloud/ ?

    1. Yes – the photo looks Turner (me mucking it up) but the morning I walked out to was pure Italian perfection. I have not read that book but it sounds intriguing.

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