Still here

Rebirth turning to the toddler stage – we are through crawling in the new life – now taking some steps and walking.

I guess it feels good – sort of like Madonna reinventing herself – minus all the hype and gay dancers – minus the .0035% body fat and divorce and weird kid names.

New jobs – new life – new friends – new ambitions [more accurately]  ambitions for the first time in my life. I like my work and want to get better at it.

I like playing music and painting and want to get better.

I don’t see the long term future – working hard to get to my own studio space – have that space sustain itself —- keep growing and evolving.

Good life is possible – dreams do allow you to grasp them – you just have to reach.




4 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Always so good to hear from you, Wayne. Ha–yes, minus all the Madonna stuff, you sound in a good place. I hope so. You deserve good. Take care. Much love.

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