The Pixies.Where Is My Mind.

Funny how a song can haunt you- this song seems to be following me around like a little puppy that wants a walk. I have read much about the cultural low point that was the 1980’s; it wasn’t all Madonna and MTV.

And here is a song about swimming in the Caribbean with little fishes following you around.  But it’s not taken like a scuba diving song. It has that anthem of wasted youth about it- And for those of you that are currently in the wasted youth phase (lucky you)  and may not know about Kurt Cobain trying to make a song that sounded like the Pixies and ending up with a little ditty called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” …well that happened too- so I bring you some substance from the horrible decade that still paddles around pretty good for its age. The PixiesWhere Is My Mind.

Happy Birthday “Killer”

Starting this wordpress site on rock music got me thinking about the timeline of rock music. You know the proverbial “where did it all start?”
I’m not going back to the “Crossroads” with Robert Johnson although I want to because blues is the foundation of so much great music. I am also not buying “Rock around the Clock” with Bill Haley and the Comets. That song is just a little too processed to be the beginning. 1957 and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” by the conflicted Wildman of Louisiana-Jerry Lee Lewis, born today in 1935-is where it all starts. The story is well known about the marriage to his 13 year old cousin that burned out his rise to fame very quickly. He was the first great character, kicking his chair across stage, playing piano with his feet. The “Killer” (that is his nickname) put on a show. The “Killer” is still putting on shows….he has outlived countless equally possessed souls who followed him down that path to stardom. From Buddy Holly to Lynyrd Skynyrd in plane crashes. Overdoses of Jimi Hendrix to Amy Whinehouse. Suicides of Kurt Cobain and Michael Hutchence…the list of the fallen goes on and on (This blog plans to get to a lot of these).  Jerry Lee survives to celebrate his 77th birthday and that says something about how the fire in your soul can keep you burning. “Great balls of fire” must keep you burning even longer…Rock on Jerry!