The Smiths.How Soon is Now

Just felt like playing this-I’m sorry that Morrissey recently had to cancel his U.S tour due to illness..this song says it all for those that can’t break out of the prison of themselves. I’ve been there and this song helped a great deal at that time. Pure genius!

Silversun Pickups.The Pit

Silversun Pickups with this song are psychotic-hypnotic-hipsterdisco-rock. Radiohead with a little sway; The Talking Heads from L.A instead of N.Y. This proves that Dave Letterman is still ice cool.

When I started doing this and all these great music bloggers were putting out a best of 2012 list-I had not listened to enough new music to join them- I am getting there and would throw this one on that list. (Yeah, a little late to the party but where are the plastic cups and I am good with whatever is in the keg, even if it is a little flat and warm by now, it still tastes great!)

Concrete Blonde

Concrete Blonde for Monday song time and today we have two. I don’t want to say I love this band or this band is cool, but I do and they are. It makes me glad to know they are still out there and working on a Brazil tour as I write this. The first song is the big hit Joey. The second  is the first song I ever heard from this band  and was hooked right then “True” sums it all up- a word to describe them.  They have been a genuine alternative/underground/independent band the entire way. They give you all they have at live shows. I don’t know what else to say about them other than enjoy.