Concrete Blonde

Concrete Blonde for Monday song time and today we have two. I don’t want to say I love this band or this band is cool, but I do and they are. It makes me glad to know they are still out there and working on a Brazil tour as I write this. The first song is the big hit Joey. The second  is the first song I ever heard from this band  and was hooked right then “True” sums it all up- a word to describe them.  They have been a genuine alternative/underground/independent band the entire way. They give you all they have at live shows. I don’t know what else to say about them other than enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Concrete Blonde

  1. They had a a bunch of cool songs. Still in Hollywood was the first one I ever heard. I think this is one band that deserved their success even if it was only brief.

      1. They also had the benefit of a unique singer, and great frontwoman. Perhaps the truth of the matter is that Joey was such a big hit, making it so hard to follow.

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