2nd Wonder of Rock-Abbey Road

If there are no serious objections…I have found the second Wonder of rock music….Everyone knows that classic shot of the Beatles crossing the street here. Now I have to build a nice looking page for them.

Luna Florencia

I’m not a fan of graffiti, no matter how it’s done, but seeing quotes of songs from my all-time favourite band outside Abbey Road studios I was instantly taken. It was a beautiful reminder of just how influential the Beatles were and still are, but it also made me wish I’d been round to witness the Beatlemania 40 years ago.

Abbey Road, London





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3 thoughts on “2nd Wonder of Rock-Abbey Road

  1. I am planning to Visit Abbey Road soon. And get a picture taken on the Zebra Crossing also. Bit of driving. But I like to feel the history sometimes. Great Blog and I LOVE your taste in Music may I add.


      1. Like everything in life, if we really want to do something, we will, or try even, lol
        Thank you also for giving my blog a look in

        Shaun 🙂

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